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Who we are

We are Mountain Bike enthusiast, experts on these tracks, guides and organizers of several companies and sport events and most of all, very dedicated to the development of Cycling projects.

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António Gavinho

Filipe Gomes

Elsa Gavinho

With a background in Engineering and Management, 20 years of professional experience in positions of Director, currently working in tourism projects and organizing events.


Does biking since 1986 and made numerous crossings and ultra-marathons. Highlights for crossing of the Pyrenees, the mountain bike Transportugal and Transatlas. Of course, the Madrid-Lisbon every year!

Outdoor Enthusiast. He manages to do almost every sport you can do outdoors… long discovered that one of the best ways to enjoy life on the outside is on a Mountain Bike, and from that day on, he never separated from his bike, at least that what his last bikes had to say before dying of exhaustion…


With trails covered in most European countries and wherever there is beautiful places outdoors, now he is motivated to give the best of Spain and Portugal to others with this project!

With a PhD in Tourism and a degree in Business Administration, currently teaches at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Estoril in the planning area in Tourism Recreation and Events.


At this stage is also working on new projects soon to be anounced.

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