Help to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Bike Madrid Lisbon joined the Make-A-Wish Community

to help granting wishes for young children in difficult situations.

Now you can help too!


BIKE MADRID LISBON became a proud supporters of Make-A-Wish and 10% of the registration fee will be donated to Make-A-Wish Portugal and together we will share moments of strength, hope and joy with seriously ill children. This way you will be helping children in difficult life-threatening medical situations to accomplish their dreams.


A wish-experience can be a game-changer and by becoming a survivor of this challenge, you will have the possibility to share the power of a wish with children that are daily challenged by a life-threatning disease. Becoming a survivor of this challenging traverse, you are already a part of this movement and children will be helped by Make-A-Wish with your registration fee.




Join us in this cause and make a child happy!


The mission of the Make a Wish Foundation, the Portuguese affiliate of Make-A-Wish®Internacional is to grant wishes to children and young people between 3 and 18 years old, with diseases that put their lives at risk by providing them unforgettable moments and giving them strength, Share, Hope and Joy.


The Make a Wish puts no limits to the child's imagination and makes every effort to fulfill their desire, which can be: to meet someone famous, want to take a trip, be "someone" for a day, receive an object, etc. For a sick child, to see their desire be fulfilled means that nothing is impossible, it means regain hope and strength to continue to fight. To be able to forget for a moment their illness and just be a kid.


A simple mission but with the strength of a lifetime!


Helping this institution is to help create very special moments that will remain in the memory of these children by giving them encouragement to smile in the face of difficulties.


BIKE MADRID LISBON embraced this cause and is promoting a fundraising action to accomplish the desires of the children.


We need everyone's help. A donation can make a difference and bring a smile to a seriously ill child.



Can I help too?


When you book a Bike Madrid Lisbon Tour, part of the payed fee is going to Make-A-Wish Portugal and with this help this wonderful organization.


You can also help by adding extra money to the fee and with this help to Make-a-Wish too!