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By fgomes, Jun 23 2017 01:29PM

Hello and welcome to day 13 of Madrid Lisbon in Mountain Bike.

Today we left Tomar and spent the day entirely in the stone kingdom! We followed the paths flanked by stone walls built over hundreds of years. We ended the day up the last ridge of the mountainous terrains and took a first look at the Atlantic Coast. Arrived at Alcobaça, famous by the Monastery or Royal Abbey of Santa Maria, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Stay with us for the rest of the our epic adventure.

By fgomes, Jun 23 2017 01:25PM

Greetings! Welcome to day 12 of Madrid Lisbon in Mountain Bike.

An incredible day with a lot of different landscapes. It was the day to leave the mountain. We rode by a magnificent trail through the Alge canyon, saw an impressive waterfall had a lot of fun with the single tracks that follow along the river. This day is the delight of any mountain biker.

Then the scenery changed radically. We entered a hilly region of karst landscape with olive groves and holm oaks. We finished the day at the city of the Templars, Tomar.

Today we bring Tony, one of the great riders of the company in this epic journey. António (or Tony, as he likes to be called) is 52 years old, married with two children and 2 mounth old grandson. He's with us for the love of endurance that mountain bike rides bring and because he likes to test his limits. He's loving the experience so far, getting to know parts of Spain that otherwise would never get to see, admiring what best Portugal has to offer and having fun making new crazy friends like him.

Continue with us as we go on with our great adventure.

By fgomes, Jun 23 2017 01:09PM

Welcome to day 11 of Madrid Lisbon in Mountain Bike.

Today was a complicated day. We had to do some detour due to the Pedrógão Grande fire. Don't worry, everyone's fine and the adventure goes on. The ride was marked the central mountain system of Portugal and clouds of ashes that hid the sun. That didn't stopped us however. It was the last day above 1000m and we wended it with an incredible downhill track of 700 m to the quiet village of Penela.

Continue with us as we follow through on our epic adventure. The show must go on!

By fgomes, Jun 23 2017 01:00PM

Welcome to day 10 of Madrid Lisbon in Mountain Bike.

Today was the highest in Portugal that we have or will ever be in this great journey. We passed the 1600m of altitude near a lagoon in the highest continental mountain of Portugal: Serra da estrela. Yes, we continue crossing this majestic mountain with it's granite massif with forest and small, typical mountain villages. We finishe the day at Aldeia das Dez, a rural village in the surroundings of the Alva River.

It's time to once again introduce to you one of our great explorers. Today we bring you Ronny Bengtsson. Not married... yet. Has two children and works as a technician on ventilation.

Stay with us as together we cross this great adventure.

By fgomes, Jun 23 2017 12:49PM

Hi and welcome to day 9 of Madrid Lisbon in Mountain Bike.

Today was a beautiful day. We crossed some of Portugal's most historical villages. an amazing medieval village of granite with an impressive castle. We rode across medieval stone roads and single tracks to the gorgeous village of Manteigas.

We dared enter Portugal's highest continental mountain, Serra da Estrela, enjoying the cool breeze that came down from the mountain top on this warm summer day.

Continue with us throughout our epic adventure.